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Church in the Highlands
35 Bryant Ave
White Plains NY 10605

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MAHLER Symphony No. 1 "Titan"

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Calling musicians of ages and abilities!

Do you want to play with an orchestra but don’t want to audition?

Do you want to read through great music as often as you can? Can’t play with NewWSO because you’re on the waiting list?

Then the New Westchester Symphony Reading Orchestra (NewWSRO) might be for you!

What is NewWSRO?

NewWSRO is a new project of NewWSO, slated to launch in March 2015. NewWSRO will be a “reading” (commonly known as sightreading) orchestra.

Participation in NewWSRO is open to all musicians, whether currently playing in NewWSO, with other ensembles, or on their own. Instead of meeting weekly, NewWSRO will meet approximately once per month on a Saturday afternoon, and possibly also a weekday if there is enough demand.

NewWSRO will be conducted by Benjamin Niemczyk, conductor of NewWSO and other ensembles. Read Benjamin’s full bio here

Please read below for more information, and also read our FAQs at the bottom.

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What does NewWSRO play?

NewWSRO will focus on reading a significant orchestral work each session. The goal is to experience playing significant works in a supportive environment for one session only, rather than rehearsing them for several weeks in preparation for a performance.

Pieces on the proposed schedule for the coming year are several of the Beethoven symphonies, Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique, Brahms Symphony No. 1, Mozart Symphony No. 39, and more.

Who can play in NewWSRO?

Musicians of all ages and abilities can play in NewWSRO. There are no auditions or other requirements.

Some instruments are well-represented and may need to play the part of another instrument to balance the ensemble. For example:

FLUTE may play Violin, Oboe parts
TRUMPET may play Horn parts
TROMBONE may play Bassoon, Double Bass
TUBA may play Double Bass
PIANO may play All Instruments (piano reduction)

After registering, a player may be asked to play another part. It is always the player's decision as to what part they ultimately play.

What should we bring?

All participants will be responsible for bringing their instrument, printing their own music, and bringing a music stand. NewWSRO will provide chairs.

Preview Parts

You can preview the parts here:

How much does it cost?

NewWSRO is a player-supported project. There is a $10 per-session fee to cover space rental and conductors fees. Payment can be made online at the time of registration, or at the door. If a financial contribution proves difficult, please email to discuss your individual situation. We want as many musicians playing with us as possible!

Where will NewWSRO meet?

All sessions will take place in Westchester County, most likely in or near White Plains. We are in the process of booking locations for the sessions. The sessions may take place in a different location each time. The most accurate information will be indicated on the registration form for each section.

How do I register?

Register Here

Other FAQ’s
What are the main differences between NewWSO and NewWSRO?

NewWSO is an audition-free orchestra that meets each week to rehearse repertoire that is performed at concerts throughout Westchester County. The musicians of NewWSO pay an annual membership fee or pay per-rehearsal, with the balance of support coming from donations from the general public and foundation and public grants.

While NewWSO is open to musicians of all ages and abilities, instrumentation in NewWSO is limited to approximately that of a traditional symphony orchestra. Thus, there are waiting lists for sections that are full.

NewWSRO is an audition-free orchestral experience that will meet approximately one per month in location(s) in Westchester. Musicians of all ages and abilities may play in NewWSRO, and there are no limits on instrumentation. All musicians will be asked to make a per-session contribution, as these will be the only source of funds for NewWSRO at the present time.

How do I obtain the music?

After pre-registering, you will receive a link to our online Dropbox folder where you will be able to download and print your parts.

I play the flute (or trumpet, clarinet, or other popular instrument). What if there are 10 flutes at any given NewWSRO session?

Not to worry! You may attend as long as you are willing to possibly play another instrument’s part for a portion or all of the rehearsal. For example, extra flute players may be asked to play violin parts. This is why we highly encourage everyone to pre-register, so that if this situation arises we can be in touch with you in advance.

How do I know which part to download and play at the session?

This is more of an issue in the winds, where parts are traditionally assigned. While we would like to have as balanced an orchestra as possible, we won’t prevent multiple players from playing the same part. There are no principal players in NewWSRO, nor is there a formal system for assigning parts. Everyone will generally be able to play the part(s) they want to play, except possibly in situations as described above. If we get enough advance registrations, we can put you in touch with your section to work out who will play which part.

Will the music be very hard?

The music will be the same original parts that the composer wrote, often the same parts and sometimes the same editions used by professional orchestras so amateur musicians may find the parts challenging. However, this opportunity is open to anyone from the complete beginner the seasoned professional, who may not have the opportunity to play these pieces.

Because NewWSRO is not a performing ensemble will simply do our best to read the music and rehearse as time allows. Again, there are no auditions necessary. Just come and play.

Do I have to pre-register or pay in advance? Can I just walk in on the day of the reading and pay at the door?

While pre-registration is not required, pre-registration does help us get an idea of who is coming. You may pre-register and pay at the door rather than pay online. If you don't wish to pre-register or pay in advance, you may show up to the venue the day of and pay at the door. However, we still ask that you print your own music by downloading your part from our Dropbox.

What if I currently play in NewWSO?

Great! For current NewWSO members, NewWSRO is a great opportunity to exercise reading skills. For those who were founding members of NewWSO, you may recall that we read many more pieces in our early days so in a way we are going back to our roots.

NewWSO members may participate in NewWSRO at a reduced rate of $10.

What if I like NewWSRO and wish to join NewWSO?

Also great! As long as there is room in your section, you may join NewWSO at the regular NewWSO membership rates.

Have more questions? Email or call (914) 623-8075.